Thomas Swain - Memorial

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For those who wish to offer a living memorial to Tom, his family suggests donating blood (Tom received several life-extending blood transfusions during his illness), or teaching someone to ski or to fish, or by performing a random act of kindness.

For those who wish to make a donation in memory of Tom, his family suggests honoring him through any of the following, each of which represents part of Tom’s life:

Music/Radford: Radford University Public Radio Station WVRU
Please specify Fund Name “WVRU – In memory of Tom Swain.” Tom’s family has arranged for donations to result in a dedication and broadcast of a song from Tom’s prized personal playlist.

Skiing: National Ability Center (NAC) or New England Healing Sports Association

Fishing: Outer Banks Preservation Association

Faith/Peace: Cathedral of the Woods (PCC) of Medford Lakes: specifically, its Peace Initiative

Lake/Boating: Smith Mountain Lake Marine Volunteer Fire/Rescue Squad

Cancer: American Cancer Society